Deathcrush + Cannot / Death Metal Italy SRIJEDA 22.11.2017 AG CLUB SARAJEVO


SRIJEDA 22.11.2017
VRATA 20 30h

The band was first formed in January 2003 by Luigi Cara (singer/bass), Giampiero Serra (drums) and Andrea Sechi (guitars). They chose old school black/death metal as the type of music they would play; at the beginning their black death metal was unrefined but effective. Soon after, a fourth member, Ivan Carta, joined the band and gave more power to the trio’s sound. In May 2004, the band went into the recording studio for the first time to record their demo “Hard Reality” – 5 black death metal songs that transmitted immediately the group’s intentions to the audience. Thanks to a series of gigs, the group slowly became known not only in the Sardinian underground but also further afield. In 2005, Ivan Carta left the band and the three remaining members became the only official members of Deathcrush. In 2007, the band released their second album: a mini CD entitled “Extreme Claustrophobic Terror”. The music in this album had a much more profane and brutal sound compared to the previous album. In order to promote their latest project, the band began to tour around the north of Italy along with other Italian groups with a similar musical background. In 2008, the band released a split, entitled “4 Way to Scream Your Hate” created with the help of Zora, Land Of Hate and Smashhead. In 2012 the band signed with Copro Records/Casket music for the worldwide distribution of their future album. In February 2013 the first full-lenght album called “Collective brain infektion” was released by casket music and the band played in Germany, Austria, Italy, Sardinia and in some festivals along with Hour of penance, Natron, Obituary and many others. Now the band is working on the new album.

Cannot Official / ITALY , PROG.DEATH METAL
Cannot borns in 2013. The concept of this project is to put the evil of humanity under spotlight, to exalt the weight of its importance in the world; and in the end, to crush it under the immensity of the Universe.
After years of research on sounds and lyrics, the sardinian band composed by Pietro Deledda (Voice & Guitar), Enzo Desini (Drum) and Enzo Di Ciaccio (bass), finds the right way to represent the concept using many Death Metal colors, the Progressive polyrhythms, alternating fast and brutal beats, to slow and gloomy Doom. The deep sound of the 8 strings guitar and the bass, mixed with the frantic drum beats, originate the right atmosphere to scream the themes of the lyrics, that are very close to the current reality.

Cannot starts to record the first album in 2017, that will out in fall.



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